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Since 2011, GEAR UP has provided 24 school districts more than $1.7 million in partnership support for college access activities such as college campus tours, onsite professional development, parent events and college access student services. In 2013-14, more than 18,600 students were served through GEAR UP services.

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Oklahoma GEAR UP Reports
Oklahoma GEAR UP APR 2015 Summary Report (PDF, 50k)
Oklahoma GEAR UP Year 3 Transparency Report 2014
(PDF, 2.0 m)
Oklahoma GEAR UP Year 3 Evaluation Summary 2014(PDF, 2.0m)
Oklahoma GEAR UP Vendor Transparency Report 2014 (PDF, 41k)
College App Week 2014 (PDF, 1.5m)
Oklahoma GEAR UP Biannual Report (PDF, 1.6m)

Oklahoma GEAR UP School District Reports & Information
View Oklahoma GEAR UP School District Pages
Oklahoma GEAR UP Junior ACT Data 2013
(PDF, 124k)
Oklahoma GEAR UP Junior ACT Data 2012 (PDF, 43k)
Gallup Student Poll District Results 2014 (PDF, 70k)
Gallup Student Poll Community Solutions
(PDF, 23k)

Oklahoma GEAR UP Fact Sheets
OK GEAR UP Fact Sheet (PDF, 1m)
OK GEAR UP Partners Information (PDF, 22k)
OK GEAR UP Q&A (PDF, 1.5m)

OK GEAR UP Presentations
LOGIC Presentation 2014 Part I (PDF, 351k)
LOGIC Presentation 2014 Part II (PDF, 430k)

Oklahoma GEAR UP Advisory Board
Meet our GEAR UP advisory board

National GEAR UP Information
GEAR UP by the numbers (PDF, 100k)
National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (website link)

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